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I Am Angel? by Raden4000
I Am Angel?
A design a threw together on my work break at the idea of a tortured soul kept alive not out of hatred but an entrapping love. She died at the hands of a friend with her husband and failed to stop the rise of a tyrant. Desperately the ghostly memories of her husband took the Throne of the Divine itself to conquer life, bringing himself back to be whole by the power of the Throne. His wife on the other hand was nearly destroyed, a tiny blue flame of a single memory. It was of him and how she felt for them both, it was all that still burned of her.

He created this body for her, indestructible, powerful, never again could she fall to any save him. Yet the memory was imperfect, it was not enough to make a whole anymore. So he tampered with it, giving memories, constructing others in an attempt to maker her as he remembered. Every day she would be alive and seemingly herself, but by the end of that day the sun would set, her memories would fade or fracture and she would be gone. On the next day he would raise her, again, and again until the memories of constantly being undone each day were her only real memories. Driving her slowly but inevitably insane until she begs for a true release.... 
The First Blood by Raden4000
The First Blood
Two beings transcending reality came into conflict, neither could ever kill the other truly so it came down to a single action, One of these beings attacked its foe with the curse of Blood, Bone, and Flesh sealing it to the world with a life and form. Such limitations drove the loser mad with mortality, but it was forever barred from challenging the victor ever again so it instead turned its anger to the mortal life all around it. It became a God easily, demanding life to power it and became the first Blood Mage. So it dominated for centuries, blotted the sun and brought on the Age of Darkness.
It was only after Rykel, the God of the Sun, tore down this monsters idols and temples and threw the beast into a sealed Tomb hidden deep within the earth. The beast could neither die nor reach the level of its previous life, so it lived forever trapped, but from its nightmares and rage were born horrid Nightwalkers that continued to plague mortal life. 

It spawned the horrid Dust Lords, (my personal spin on Vampires)
The Fel One by Raden4000
The Fel One
A had a design about a messiah like character that all loved and followed nearly on sight, his every word was honey, his touch like feeling God itself. His name was Felius (Fel for short ) at the time of design, but this rancid creature was his true form, a Cthulhu like being who long ago lost his sense of form as his mind reached levels beyond our understanding. He finds it easy to form those that love him but is unable to relate or truly love them back for their minds are beneath him. He seeks instead to bring these followers to a zenith of forced evolution where all would be dragged into the next stage of thought to be on par with him, even if the world fights and screams the whole way there. 

He is The Fel One.
Tom-Tom and Corde by Raden4000
Tom-Tom and Corde
One of my characters Tom-Tom and Corde. 

The idea behind them is that this little girl is a victim of war, specifically at the hands of soldiers who abuse her. In her last moments she makes a deal with her imaginary friend Tom-Tom that she would give anything to live and get her revenge. Well imaginary friend wound up being a demon that shares her body when she agrees, healing her and giving her the power to tear apart anyone she wishes, which she embrasses with childlike glee.
Character wise Tom-Tom is less a blood raging demon and more of a creature that likes to experience the emotions of humans and Corde gives him so much love and respect he comes to love her in turn. He doesn't want to take over her body entirely, instead he serves as a guardian that protects this poor child from friend and foe. 


United States
Current Residence: in the woods
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Metal
Favourite cartoon character: Haruhi
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